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        Bylaws approved October 15, 2022


Mock Emergency Drills

In Illinois, each dental office in the State must develop and implement an emergency medical plan which includes staff responsibilities and office protocol for emergency procedures. Anesthesia/Sedation permit A or permit B holders who administer anesthesia are required to conduct mock emergency medical drills with staff that participates. ISOMS requires that drills must be held four times per year and a record of having done so must be maintained.

The above information is provided for general information only and does not purport to be legal advice. Questions about the interpretation of the law and your legal rights and obligations should be addressed to your lawyer. Please visit or contact the Department of Professional Regulation for more information about the Illinois Dental Practice Act and the Act’s Administrative Rules, 68 IAC 1220/et seq. Call IDPFR at 888-473-4858.


AAOMS Anesthesia Survey Form (Click here)

It is recommended effective January 2022 that all members keep a log of patients that undergo outpatient anesthesia. The log should contain the age of the patient, the type of anesthetic (GA with planned airway, Deep sedation/general anesthesia, or moderate sedation), and any complications including 911 calls, hospitalization, organ damage or death. In 2023, a question about maintenance of such a log/record book will be added to the office anesthesia evaluation form. Maintaining a log will facilitate your membership renewal in 2023.


2024 Anesthesia Assignments

(Password Required) Member applicants are due for evaluations before they can become active members and every five years thereafter. Every effort is made to evaluate an entire practice at the same time to facilitate assigning members of the Anesthesia Committee who travel throughout the state.

Anesthesia Evaluations: Is YOURS Due? The names of those who are due for office anesthesia evaluations this year are posted in this section along with the names of the assigned evaluators from the ISOMS Anesthesia Committee for each member.

Please remember that evaluations must be completed every five years or you will be subject to a financial penalty in addition to delinquent membership status. Eventually, you risk loss of membership if your evaluation is not completed in the year in which it is due.

Contact the ISOMS office by email with any questions:


Anesthesia Case Scenarios

(Password Required) These sample case scenarios are intended to be used for discussion purposes during a routing office anesthesia evaluation conducted by members of the Anesthesia Committee of the Illinois Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

Anesthesia Evaluation Form

(Password Required) View the Evaluation Form... prior to evaluation, review criteria and guidelines from current AAOMS Anesthesia Manual.

Anesthesia Policy

(Password Required) Covers Anesthesia Committee Requirements and Responsibilities including Eligibility Requirements for Members of the ISOMS Anesthesia Committee, Office Evaluations, and Credit.

Anesthesia Committee Members

(Password Required) Listing of the 2023 Anesthesia Committee members, addresses, and phone numbers. Note: Effective March 2016, 2022, retired members were no longer eligible to serve on the Anesthesia Committee. Other qualified ISOMS members around the state can be called upon to serve as needed.