Illinois Society of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

The Illinois Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons is a professional membership association in the State of Illinois. ISOMS serves its members, and indirectly, the entire community they serve primarily by offering a unique Office Anesthesia Evaluation program. This is a peer-to-peer on-site program designed to review office equipment, credentials, procedures, policies and even some staff. Members are required to undergo an evaluation upon application for membership, and every five years thereafter. The ISOMS Anesthesia Committee and the Executive Council set the rules and standards for the evaluation process. It is considered by most members to be our most important and unique activity.

ISOMS also provides periodic educational programs for members, and is an approved CE sponsor, by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.


NEW in 2024!

(Shared from ISDS) On January 1, 2024 any prescribers who prescribe more than 150 controlled substances II-V have to submit those electronically. You can read more about it here.


ISOMS Spring Training Program, April 6th

It was a beautiful day in Oak Brook for our Spring ACLS education program — a biannual event. Members enjoyed the opportunity to mingle and dine with friends and colleagues in an informal setting. ISOMS President, Dr. Don Kalant addressed the membership during lunch and he summarized the topics addressed at the Executive Council meeting, held Friday evening. Certain changes regarding policies of the Anesthesia Committee (chaired by Dr. Jay Bergamini) were briefly discussed. Details will be released by the next meeting.

We were very pleased to have Dr. Gregory Ness, the District IV AAOMS Trustee from Columbus, Ohio, visit for the Executive Council and member meetings and program for the weekend.


ISOMS Education Program with OMSNIC, June 8th

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ISOMS Annual Meeting Held

ISOMS held its Annual Meeting and election of officers during the lunch break on Saturday, October 14 at the Hyatt Lodge Conference Center in Oak Brook.

New officers take office January 1, 2024, for the calendar year. Dr. Don Kalant (Naperville) will serve as President in the coming calendar year. Dr. Robin Gallardi (Chicago Heights) will serve as Vice President, Dr. Jay Swanson (Effingham) will serve as Secretary/Treasurer, and Dr. Coleman Spector (Chicago) will remain on the Executive Council as Immediate Past President. The membership owes its sincere thanks to Dr. Coleman Spector who faithfully served well beyond the usual one-year term as president due to the interruption of meetings and attendance during the long Covid epidemic. He is the only member to have served twice as president of the Society.


AAOMS Annual Meeting - September 2023

L to R: Gregory M. Ness, DDS, FACS, the District IV Trustee to AAOMS (residing in Ohio), Robin Gallardi, DDS, MS, FRCDC, Dip ABOMS, a Delegate to AAOMS from Illinois and Anthony Spina, DDS, MD, an Alternate Delegate from Illinois. The AAOMS Annual Meeting is being held in San Diego. (September 2023)

Drs. Mohammed Qaisi, Robin Gallardi and Don Kalant, three Delegates representing the Illinois Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons at the 2023 AAOMS Annual Meeting in San Diego, this week.


Nierzwicki Appointed to Medical Board

ISOMS is proud to announce the recent appointment of Dr. Bart Nierzwicki who practices oral and maxillofacial surgery in Chicago, (Millennium Surgical) as a member of the newly restructured Illinois State Medical Board.

The appointment has been signed into law by Illinois Governor JB Pritzker on October 31, 2022. This new position expires October 31, 2026. Dr. Nierzwicki has been a member of ISOMS since 2010. He actively serves on the Anesthesia Committee.

Here's an informational link about what we do... and offering information regarding choosing an OMS. Click here for a resource link to this friendly organization.


The Illinois Society of OMS is proud to display this emblem of recognition as a Bronze OMSFIRE Donor for 2024.

The Mission of the OMS Foundation is to improve the quality and safety of patient care by advancing innovation in oral and maxillofacial surgery research and education.

The OMS Foundation is the only organization dedicated to funding research specifically related to oral and maxillofacial surgery. The Foundation invests in early-stage research which helps grantees to procure significant additional funding from federal sources and other grant makers. For additional information or to make a contribution, call 847-233-4342.



ISOMS Statement Regarding COVID-19 & OMS Practices

While we do not make any mandates and leave the care of patients at the discretion of each individual surgeon, we do support recommendations from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention), IDPH (Illinois Department of Public Health) and the American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS).

Watch for future updates.

Use these links for more information:
AAOMS recommendations
CDC recommendations
ADA recommendations
ACS recommendations
Surgeon General comments

External Links:


Anesthesia Assistant Training

Doctors are required to provide education and training for their anesthesia assisting staff. At least one member of the assisting team must complete 12 hours of qualified coursework as required by the State of Illinois.

Members can contact AAOMS about their educational opportunities and qualified programs to educate assistants. Illinois recognizes the AAOMS DAANCE program to meet the State education requirement for anesthesia assistants. The main phone number for AAOMS is 847-687-6200.

In addition, ISOMS member Robert C. Bosack, DDS, has designed and recorded an anesthesia assistant training course that meets the training requirements set by the State of Illinois' Dental Practice Act. The 14 hour course consists of 9 lectures followed by a live, hands-on, in-person guided simulation training module to be completed with an anesthesia provider. Learners can work at their own pace. Downloadable handouts can be printed. Click here for more information.

The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry, also offers courses that satisfy the State requirement for training assistants. Information is available through the UIC Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Contact Maria Limon at


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